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Annoying Roomate: Cat Edition

So as you can see, via Youtube video, living with Ollie isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Like all roommates and animals, he can do really, really annoying things. Here’s a list of my favorite/but least favorite things that Ollie does.(In

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Cats Part 2

BEFORE READING THIS POST, you better set the mood… So I used to not like cats. I know, surprising based off my last post. However, I am ashamed to admit it’s true. I thought they were lazy and overrated. I

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Okay, so let’s be real. Cats are awesome. Anyone who says differently has a PERSONAL vendetta against some random, evil cat. Which is NOT, I repeat, NOT, representative of all cats.¬† Don’t believe me?¬†released a rundown of 8 reasons

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(photo credit: Ohio University is known for its annual fest season every Spring. Mill Fest, Palmer Fest, High Fest, not to mention Moms Fest (MILFest). However, the climax of the fest season is the Number Fest. This year was

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Dating In College

Close your eyes and imagine a world without cellphones or the Internet. Now imagine how dating would change. Being in college and attempting to have a serious relationship are two things that seem to clash in our generation. Actual conversations

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