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Top Ten United States Wrestlers

Behind Iran the United States of America is the second best wrestling country in the world, and pound for pound boasts some of the best individual wrestlers in the world.I’ve decided to take on the tough task of ranking the

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The Saving of Olympic Wrestling

Tweet after tweet after tweet. It’s the morning of February 12, 2013, and wrestling fans all over the world, sat at their computer frantically refreshing their newsfeed praying the news cant be true. The wrestling community has just found out

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Wrestling Deserves More Attention at OU

When you think Ohio University athletics more than likely your first thoughts will be the football and basketball team. While both of these teams have had success in recent years, it hasnt matched that of the wrestling team. Yet, no

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Northwestern Football Players Allowed to Unionize

Since the inception of college athletics, and the formation of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, college athletes have been at the discretion of the NCAA. Athletes put in countless hours to training and competing, but never see any of the

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5 Things All College Students Must Do

While in college, students have opportunities galore. Class, jobs, internships, fraternities/sororities, intramurals, college students are among some of the busiest people in America. However, there are five things all college students must do at least once in their college careers. 

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