Is Religion Considered a Prejudice?

Prejudice against certain beliefs have some people ruffled.

In the growing and changing times, many claim the Church must adapt in order to accept a larger number of people who may not necessarily fit into a certain “vision” of what the Church should be like.

For some, Ohio University’s campus is a place where it seems to be very open and accepting of others’ beliefs.



Galbreath Chapel (Photo | Hannah Yang)


“There are a lot of people who are very accepting of others regardless of religion,” said Megan Stickney, an Ohio University freshman. “But just like anywhere, there are some people who aren’t. I think most people refrain from using it as a point of judgment or cause to distance themselves from others.”

However, some claim Christianity is a form of prejudice against those who may not follow the exact teachings of Scripture. Homosexuality is viewed as a sin within the Church, however, times have changed. Even Pope Francis claims that the 

Point is, isn’t it important to avoid branding religion as a prejudice? Faith should be a personal experience rather than a conformation of certain values and principles. Although, many seem to take things a step further such as the Westboro Baptist Church, a congregation known for picketing military funerals and believe that God is punishing America for homosexuals. It’s almost certain, that the concept of faith can fuel adversity if taken in the wrong course of action. Especially when reading the schedule they created in order to get their point across. In this CNN blog is pointing out the religious leader Pope Francis claims the Church cannot judge those who are homosexuals, rather that Christians should embrace others and accept them as they are. If the leader of the Church is willing to go forward in its teachings and adapt to the changing views on love, then why are some so keen in keeping things as they are?
Religion as a prejudice, seems very much so, a constant battle of religion and acceptance.
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