Welcome to My Humble Abode for the Next Week

The word ‘crowded’ can be found in the dictionaries on the shelves of Vernon R. Alden Library. Or students can comprehend the true meaning of the word because finals week has arrived, and the library is busy at work.




Dead week, last week, is the week before schools’ final examinations followed by the actual finals week. With these two back-to-back, you can believe that the number of patrons at the library will significantly rise.


And the worst part about it all? The accommodation. With thousands more visitors each day, students are found competing for the last open seats.


Kids cramming the last word into their paper that’s due at midnight, note cards piling up with facts that students think they are never going to remember, and even blankets for those who choose to use the desk they are at as their temporary bedroom for the night.


But can that even help? Are there risks to being confined to the library for too long? For starters, sleep deprivation affects students more than they think. “If you’ve been awake for 21 hours, your driving skills are equivalent for having a BAC of 0.10,” says Caroline Cooke, a senior psychology major. Staying awake for days on end can take a real toll on your body.


Then there are the germ carriers that you may be cooped up with day in and day out. With your immune system already down due to the lack of sleep and extra caffeine, it is even easier for students to catch a cold or the flu. And the last thing you need is the flu going into your Psychology exam.


So instead of only attending the library for the last two weeks of school, go every week! I know, it may come as a shock to you, but the library is open all year long. Use their resources; ask for help from librarians…that is what they are there for.


And try and keep your sanity as you are stuck in that small study room with about ten other people for 48 hours on end. Trust me, the library and finals week isn’t fun for anyone but they do make the perfect combination.

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