Phi Alpha Delta, Ohio University Chapter

Students entering college are told to join as many student organizations as possible. But, some organizations are more helpful than others when it comes to building your resume and preparing for the real world. There is a long list of the current student organizations on Ohio University’s website. There are organizations affiliated with every major in the university and then some more. The website also lists the current contact information for a leader in the organization.

I was once listed as the contact for Ohio University’s only co-ed pre-law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta (PAD). I was considering going to law school and joined PAD my freshman year. After two years in the organization, I decided to hold off on going to law school and pursue a career as a journalist. I am so thankful that I joined PAD, because it really helped me make that important decision. I realized that I loved journalism, and needed to work as a writer for a while before applying to law schools.


I am thankful to have had an organization actually help me with my future. PAD brings in speakers from law schools such as professors and admissions officers, and lawyers to talk to students about what it truly takes to get through law school and make it in the legal profession.

During the spring of my junior year I was elected President of the organization. I knew that I could help other students who were thinking about going to law school make the decision and feel confident about it one way or the other. I also had the opportunity to work alongside some really talented people on the executive board.

“PAD gave me so many new opportunities and friendships,” said Brian Lenox. “My college career would not have been as amazing as it was without PAD. Being on the Executive Board was such a great experience because I loved leading and giving back to an organization that gave me so much.”

Every year we look for new members to join. We reach out to every college within the university, because you don’t need to be a pre-law major to go to law school.

“I joined PAD during one of the first few weeks of my freshman year and had no idea what to expect,” said Anika Holland, English HTC student. “But it ended up being a wonderful inclusive community. I’ve made a ton of friends because of PAD and I’ve also been exposed to some great information about law and law school.”

About a month ago, we held elections and the new president for 2014-2015 was elected. Hannah Oster, who was chosen by the fraternity as the new leader, is now in charge. It was a bittersweet moment handing the organization over to her, but I know she can handle it and I can’t wait to see the amazing things that she will do.

“Being president and leading chapter is incredibly rewarding. Obviously, at first it was a little intimidating and stressful: intimidating because I’ve never been very good at standing up in front of groups of people and talking, and stressful because learning about what I had to do,” said Oster. “I like knowing that the success of the fraternity depends on me and my hard work, and I like being able to dictate how things are run.”

Oster added, “When I first joined PAD, I absolutely did not think that I would ever end up being president. At the time, I was still afraid of joining groups, let alone running them. I was not in a leadership state of mind two years ago at all. It also took me a semester or two to really realize how incredible PAD is and how much it has to offer.”

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