Family Pastime

Baseball is usually considered the national pastime, but I’m not just talking about baseball here. Sports, in general, are a national pastime. For me, they are a family pastime.

If the Carnahan/Riebel/Lynch family didn’t have sports, I don’t know what we would do. Okay, that may be an overstatement, but sports have been, are, and will be a big part of our lives.

Sports teach us to appreciate challenges. It teaches us how to pay the game of life. Sports teach us discipline, accomplishments, contributions, trust, confidence, enjoyment and so much more.

For the current generation of Carnahan/Riebel/Lynch kids, all of us have been or are currently involved in a sport. My cousins, Josh and Jake have been coaches of baseball. Jake is about to take a different coaching view, from high school boys to tee-ballers! Jake and my brother, Max, were two standout guards playing together at Eastern High School where they became the winningest team in school history in Jake’s senior season.

Their head coach Howie Caldwell, whom they remain close with today, always bases his coaching off of their performance.

“Max and Jake had this incredible ability to read the floor,” he said. “As two leaders at the guard position, they were able to see plays out even before they happened.”

Max is also the first one in our family to become a collegiate athlete. I, myself, hope to make a career out of it. I currently work with the media relations team in the athletic department at Ohio University and produce content for This year, I was also appreciative of the chance to work with the Mid-American Conference for the men’s and women’s basketball tournament at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. I am also so blessed to be interning this summer with the marketing operations team for the New England Patriots. My family is also split three ways when it comes to ultimate fandom, with Browns fans, Steelers fans and Patriots fans.


Photo courtesy of Megan’s iPhone! -working the MAC Tournament in Cleveland!

Whether it’s being a mega-fan, playing for fun, playing at the collegiate level or trying to make a career out of sports media, my family has always been involved in athletics.

Some of the best memories of playing games with my brother and cousins have come at my grandma’s house, and this year’s Easter weekend, we got to reconcile some of those memories. Growing up with a brother and all boy cousins, we play countless games of football. Yes, even tackle! We’re never too old to play a game of pass. I even captured some of those moments on video!

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