Eat. Sleep. Study.

During finals week at universities, students become all consumed with studying. Their daily routine only includes time to eat, time to sleep (if that) and time to study.


But can you over-study? Is it healthy to study so much that you find yourself dreaming about the course material?


According to Thought Catalog on Word Press, here are some signs that you’ve been studying too much and need to take a break:


  1. You’ve been in the library so much that people think you work there. No, you just dress like a librarian and have no life.
  2. You can’t remember the last time you showered. You know that you had to – statistically speaking. You just can’t remember it.
  3. You’ve looked at the same pages of notes for so long that the words all blur together and start to look as if they were written in a different language. English itself begins to lose all meaning.
  4. You have accumulated so many flashcards that they take over your desk, like a wall of knowledge you won’t retain in ten years. You can feel all the facts slipping away.
  5. You’ve replaced human contact with Adderall.
  6. You start to get Studying Hypnosis, finding yourself zoning out for minutes at a time as you mindlessly read the same paragraph again, hoping it will stick this time.


For more of the humorous side of studying way too much read more of the article on Word Press.


There are ways to manage your time more efficiently and not get trapped in studying too much. Five simple tips to studying are as follows:


  1. Make a detailed study schedule and write it down.
  2. Prioritize your assignments.
  3. Prepare for temptation.
  4. Find a productive study environment.
  5. Stay organized.


And if you’re from the Athens area, attending Ohio University you may want to get out of that crowded library and go somewhere else to study. But where? Lasher Hall is a facility located in the E.W. Scripps building. “Currently it is almost like a library. We have reference books, desk copies, the Bloomberg terminal, computers…and it’s mainly just a place for students to study,” says Sharon Nickels, Associate Director. It is a study lounge open to any and all students Monday through Friday 9-6.


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