Okay, so let’s be real. Cats are awesome. Anyone who says differently has a PERSONAL vendetta against some random, evil cat. Which is NOT, I repeat, NOT, representative of all cats. 

Don’t believe me? released a rundown of 8 reasons being a cat owner rocks. 

A couple of my favorites! 

1. Cat’s help your heart. Seriously, they do. According to Mental Floss, “cats in particular lower your stress level…and lower the amount of anxiety in your life.”

They also touched on a study that found that cat owners are 30 percent less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than non-cat owners. Crazy, right? So next time you bash on a cat, you’re basically saying you want their owner to have a heart attack. Basically.

BTW, check out that study right here!

2. And for all you guys out there who bash on cats, pay close attention. They can get you laid. YEP. The article continued to say that according to a British poll, women are more attracted to guys who have pets… BUT not just any pet… 90 percent of those women continued to say that guys who own cats are nicer. BOOM. But don’t just use your cat to get a girl. You gotta love your cat.

3. Also, if you own a cat, you’re probably smarter than dog owners. According to Mental Floss, 

“A study of British pet owners found that people who owned cats tended to be smarter than their dog loving counterparts. Both in terms of IQ score and overall level of education, people who own cats come out on top in the brains department.”

Another reason why cat owners are superior, obviously.

4. Another one of my favorite benefits of being a cat owner comes from this website, and it shows the health benefits on your body that can come from cat purrs. No joke. CHART CREDIT HERE!



So yeah, these are just a couple of reasons that having a cat can help your health. Obviously there are more benefits than I listed, and you should definitely check those benefits out by buying a cat! BETTER YET, adopt one! There are TONS, and I mean, TONS of cats and kittens at almost every shelter that need loving homes. Save the shelter pets, guys. 



Also, guess I should disclaimer: I LOVE DOGS!!! I have multiple, and they’re pretty awesome too. However, I’m a sucker for social injustice and I feel like cats get a lot more smack talk than dogs, therefore I am obligated to stick up for my feline friend. 

At this point, you’re probably wondering about my cat right? (Even if you aren’t I don’t really care, I’ll show ya anyway). Well never fear, because if you tune in to my next post, you’ll get to see him! 


Striving to appreciate the unique, the beautiful, and the strange of a normal life.

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