Browns Oust Kosar as Commentator

Cleveland legend and former player Bernie Kosar was cut from Cleveland Brown preseason commentary duty. In consistent fashion the Browns continue to disappoint their fan base. However, this time it does not have to do with any of their on the field or player personnel blunders. The Browns and their media partner WKYC decided to release one of its most popular players of all time in former quarterback Bernie Kosar.

Kosar is known for his blue-collared play during his tenure as the Browns’ signal caller. He took that same approach to the broadcast booth for the previous  eight seasons. Kosar was known for his call it like it is style in the booth, as well as professional insight into a team that has not really found a permanent replacement for him after his playing days were done.

Kosar’s departure marks another former Brown being ousted since Jimmy Haslem has taken control of the team. He sent legend Jim Brown packing from his duties in the front office a few seasons ago.

Bernie Kosar Photo by John Kroll

Bernie Kosar
Photo by John Kroll

“It’s something else the Browns have done that I don’t really understand,” says lifetime Browns fan and Ohio University junior Emily Romain. “Bernie has always been a big part of the community, he’s from Ohio, played his high school career here and of course is one of fans all-time favorites.”

Kosar blames the decision on his occasional slurred speech during broadcasting, which he attributes to the numerous concussions he received during his playing days. In an article written by Mary Kay Cabot for the Cleveland Plain Dealer Kosar issued a public statement.

“I was informed yesterday by the Cleveland Browns and WKYC that I have been replaced as a 2014 preseason game day color commentator. I believe that this decision stems from my slurred speech impairment, which is a direct result of the many concussions I received while playing in the NFL. “

First Energy Stadium Photo by ESPN

First Energy Stadium
Photo by ESPN

WKYC has since released a statement refuting Kosar’s claims, President Brooke Spectorsky  had this to say concerning Kosar’s firing, “We feel it’s a very good decision for our viewers and for our production,” he said. “We have to freshen things up too as the team is changing. It’s a whole different year going forward, and I didn’t want to do the same old production I’ve done for so many years.”

The Browns will replace Kosar with Solomon WIlcots to work with Jim Donovan for this year’s preseason play-by-play duties. Whatever the reasons behind the former quarterback’s departure from the broadcasting booth it marks a disturbing trend in the Browns’ front office, the team seems to be creating a disconnect that has long existed between the organization and the community. Owner Jimmy Haslem, has to realize he doesn’t have to do much to win Cleveland’s support. Fans will flock to First Energy Stadium whether the team wins, loses or fails to show up at all. The only thing the organization has to do is continue the tradition that players like Bernie Kosar created.

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