Annoying Roomate: Cat Edition

So as you can see, via Youtube video, living with Ollie isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Like all roommates and animals, he can do really, really annoying things. Here’s a list of my favorite/but least favorite things that Ollie does.(In no particular order… they’re all annoying)

1. TOTAL BED HOG. You wouldn’t think it looking at him right? Like seriously, how much room could a little cat possibly take up? Spend the night with him, I dare ya! He’ll start off the night adorably cuddled next to you. Then he moves to your chest, then your shoulder (basically right next to your head), and then just when it can’t get any more annoying, he’ll literally try to sleep right on your face. Every. Single. Night. I began to wonder if that rumor about cats suffocating babies could actually be true, but then I realized that he probably doesn’t want me to die, seeing as how I feed him every day.


2. STEALS YOUR SEAT ON THE COUCH. Obviously cats don’t respect seat check, because Ollie sure as heck doesn’t. Doesn’t matter where he is in the house, if you get off the couch for even a minute, he’ll be in your spot upon return.



3. ENJOYS ATTACKING FEET. This is one of my least favorite, only because it’s so incredibly painful. Not to mention difficult, when trying to walk up the stairs or carry something heavy. He only does it when he is feeling particularly sassy, but still. Come on, man.



4. STEALS FOOD & BEGS. At times I worry Ollie believes he is a dog, because of his need to beg and steal human food. Maybe I was just ignorant before but I wasn’t aware that that was a thing with cats. I don’t know, but it’s annoying. He’ll take it off your plate, off your fork, swipe it right off. He doesn’t care. No shame. He’ll also beg like no other. Like, sit on your lap of shoulder or head and try to convince you that’s worthy of your food. We also can’t leave anything lying around on the counters in the kitchen, especially bags that contain bread. Those are his particular favorite to drag around the house and rip until he leave a trail of bread crumbs Hansel & Gretel would be jelly of.



So obviously Ollie isn’t perfect. But hey, who is right? He makes up for most of this behavior with love and affection. His bad tendencies are nothing more or less than those of a normal roommate. Just like Ollie expert said in the video, “I just kinda wanna vent about him right now.” So as a house we have just adjusted (and sometimes just need to vent) and have come to love our roommate, despite his flaws and claws.



Striving to appreciate the unique, the beautiful, and the strange of a normal life.

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