Cats Part 2

BEFORE READING THIS POST, you better set the mood…


So I used to not like cats. I know, surprising based off my last post. However, I am ashamed to admit it’s true. I thought they were lazy and overrated. I now realize that they APPEAR lazy because being so awesome exhausts them. (As far as my overrated accusation, we all have ignorant moments.)

Regardless of my shameful past, obviously I had a change of heart. The reason for that is this guy right here. Image


I know, pretty adorable right? Pretty easy to see why I experienced a change of heart. I adopted Ollie right before Christmas break of this year, and did so just because if I didn’t, the poor guy was being sent to the shelter… and being a pro-animal person, I couldn’t let that happen. The first night I had him, he kept crawling up the leg of my pajama pants, which as you can imagine, was NOT comfortable.

Started to regret my act of kindness.


But then, just when I was considering leaving the front door open all night “on accident” he curled up and cuddled with me.

Heart. Stolen.

So just because he’s adorable, here’s a photo-timeline of Ollie’s life thus far.


FIRST DAY OF BEING ADOPTED! He totally adjusted to being with me, but if your new cat isn’t so well, here’s some help!



First Christmas! If his Christmas sweater isn’t melting your heart, are you Elsa or something?



Cheering on the Bobcats for the first time! (Via TV)… Of course I didn’t take him to a game, I’m not that crazy. Please excuse the SnapChat quality of this picture..



Casual photoshoots are a must with this guy. He loves the camera, obviously.



Didn’t think he could get any cuter? Think again. Like I said, Class-A cuddler.



This one is just to prove that he does actually have fans other than myself. In addition to that, he enjoys playing Lion King. Who doesn’t like Lion King? This guy is probably Ollie’s #2 fan, #1 obvi being me. I interviewed him about Ollie because he’s basically as close to an expert on my cat as one can be, and at first declined to comment, but then admitted that, “Yeah, he’s pretty cool.” True love obviously.



Just one more, to prove that although he was adorable as a kitten, his journey through life has not robbed him of his good looks. Unlike Aaron Carter. Who has in fact, lost his looks. Had to throw in the OU Aaron joke. In fact, in this pic, Ollie is basically model status. So yeah, now that you’ve all officially seen enough of my cat, and probably cats in general, I promise I’m normal. I have friends and a job and even a boyfriend. So I’m not a total loser, just obsessed with my cat. I’m guessing you all are too now that you’ve gotten to see him. Sooooo, you’re welcome.



Striving to appreciate the unique, the beautiful, and the strange of a normal life.

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