Life in Leading Tones

The Ohio University men’s acapella group, Leading Tones, was founded by members of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fraternity in 2005. Since then, Leading Tones has expanded to men from all majors with varying levels of music knowledge, all brought together by their love of singing.

The name “Leading Tones”, originated by founding member, Garry Young, derived from a music theory term referring to the seventh scale degree of a major scale. Young states, “It is noteworthy in that it resolves up and leads forward, like our group.”

According the The Ohio University Leading Tones Facebook page, “In 2009, the Ohio University Leading Tones were featured on the Ben Fold’s album “Ben Folds Presents: University A Capella!” singing their arrangement of the 1997 hit “Brick”. They also opened for Folds at his Columbus, Ohio show in February of 2009, as well as his show with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra in October 2009. The Leading Tones had the honor of opening for the world-renowned group Rockapella in the spring of 2011. They have also performed with University of Michigan’s Dick and Janes on multiple occasions.”


In 2014, Leading Tones is comprised of 18 Ohio University students including Matt Fujita, Michael Popo, Phil Showalter, Andrew Decker, and Chuck Kemp in Bass; Greg Foehl, Zach Hulsmeyer, Alex Rice, Davis Sullivan, and Grady Hoellrich in Baritone; Angelo Sylvester, Seth Hulsmeyer, Aaron Pynos, and Joey Viola in Tenor II; and Aaron Brown, Matt MacKay, Danny O’Callaghan, and Matthew Serafini in Tenor I. The Vice President’s are Alex Rice, Seth Hulsmeyer, and Danny O’Callaghan under the Presidency of Angelo Sylvester.

The Ohio University Leading Tones are notorious on the Athens campus for providing great humor and entertainment through their flirtatious stage presence, witty personalities, outstanding vocal talent, and barefoot performances.

This young male acapella group can be found on twitter @OULeadingTones (, snapchat @OULeadingTones, and Facebook at “The Ohio University Leading Tones” (

Leading Tones is currently working on their next album “Caution: Wet Floor” to be released in December 2014.

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