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Ohio University is known for its annual fest season every Spring. Mill Fest, Palmer Fest, High Fest, not to mention Moms Fest (MILFest). However, the climax of the fest season is the Number Fest. This year was 12 Fest, and it was definitely one for the books. Ohio Marketing Students explain the Number Fest perfectly.

“#Fest is unlike any other college party. Students from not only Ohio University, but colleges all over the place gather in a field off of West Union Street in Athens, Ohio. The atmosphere of #Fest is indescribable. It’s like Woodstock but modernized.”

Thousands and thousands of students and out-of-towners alike waited hours for cramped, sweaty buses that took them to a wet, muddy pit where they experienced mud-wrestling, mosh pits, fights, and drinking. Drinking everywhere. Oh, and Wiz of course. 

However, not everyone was as thrilled with the festing as the attendees were. Multiple articles from sources like The Athens News, The New Political, and Ohio Marketing Students discussed the concerns of the local residents and police force, who have to deal with the not so pretty side affects of the giant party. 

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The locals expressed a lot of concerns to local police forces. As the Athens News reported, 

“City Council members, law enforcement and other officials reported receiving a barrage of complaints from local residents expressing concerns about out-of-control party-goers, litter strewn along Ohio Rt. 56 and West Union Street, and huge crowds leaving the event Saturday night all at once, shutting down a portion of those roads for nearly three hours.”

Despite the complaints, which are honestly unavoidable, as a Fest attendee, I noticed fewer arrests and issues this year. I think the benefits of the Number Fest outweigh the cost. Thousands of people getting to interact and have a great time with their friends and listen to the hottest artists? Definitely a college experience they’ll never forget. \

The Fests at OU are known for being too rowdy, or getting out of hand, and I’ll admit, there are definitely those who take it too far. They’re the ones whom the cops have to deal with. They don’t represent the majority though. That’s something important to note. As The New Political points out, the motto the Athens police want fest attendees to remember is, “Be Smart, Be Civil, be Safe.” If you follow this motto, festing can be safe and fun for everyone. 








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