International Week Diversifies Our Campus


Ohio University’s International Week is celebrating the diversity in Athens with smaller events throughout the week and culminating with a street fair on Saturday. Court Street shuts down for the fair, and different groups set up tables selling food, crafts, and merchandise. Music plays and international groups dance in the middle of the street.


Another event during the week is Global Scoop, which provides many different ice cream flavors from different countries around the world. There is also a talent show that will showcase different international talents such as music and dancing.

The entire week opened with the first-ever welcome ceremony for International Week. Director Krista McCallum Beatty helped organize the event, which she said took a lot of cooperation and planning.

“It takes a lot of creativity. Usually we come up with the theme and all the different events. Some of the events are the same from year to year, but this is something new. It takes a lot of coordination,” McCallum Beatty said.

During the opening ceremony, a student panel make up of two international students and two America students who have studied abroad, took questions from the audience. The format of the panel was very progressive, as there was a Twitter Fall set up on the screen behind the panel where audience members would tweet questions they had.


After the panel wrapped up, there was a reception with two tables filled with desserts. Some of the desserts available included baklava, banana tapioca pudding, and fresh fruit kabobs. Attendees were encouraged to mingle and ask the panel members any other questions they had.

International Student Union members Ashley Anderson and Miguel Gomez were among those people, and were excited to be a part of International Week this year. Both are involved in the Latina Student Union.

“My first year at OU I wanted to be a part of something, and I saw a sign at the Involvement Fair. It just kind of struck me and I got more involved at that point,” said Gomez.

The events the students are most excited for are the talent show and the street fair. Based on the interactivity and entertainment levels of these events, it is likely they will be the most successful.

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