Dating In College


Close your eyes and imagine a world without cellphones or the Internet. Now imagine how dating would change. Being in college and attempting to have a serious relationship are two things that seem to clash in our generation. Actual conversations have been replaced by texting, and formally asking someone out on a date has been replaced by dumb things like Tinder.

Here are the main problems that I think face old souls like me who attempt to date in college.

1. “Digital Dating”

It’s no secret that our generation is increasingly electronic. We meet and communicate with potential significant others on outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, etc.

While this is super convenient and new, it’s completely impersonal. We’re totally missing out on actual communication. Cosmopolitan released an article titled, “Why Is College Dating So Screwed Up?” in which an actual college student touched on why she thinks college relationships are so challenging, and one thing is this concept of digital dating.

“This has produced a generation-wide handicap: a resistance to communicating with fully developed thoughts and emotions.”

2. Hook-Up Culture


Our generation is so much more open about our sexuality. We don’t have chaperones on dates. It isn’t the norm to wait until marriage to have sex. This isn’t necessarily a bad change, but it is a change. We go to the bars, we go to house parties, and drinking tends to be associated with sexual actions. So yeah, this could be a challenge. Real-life college sex? Check this out.


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