Nintendo announces Super Smash Bros. release dates for 3DS, Wii U

Fans of the cartoon beat-em-up game series Super Smash Bros. have finally been provided a time window for when the series’ newest editions will be released on 3DS and Wii U.

Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct presentation, part of a series of videos Nintendo has used since 2011 to provide insight into unreleased games and content, revealed the company’s intentions to release the 3DS version of the new Super Smash Bros. in summer and the Wii U counterpart in the winter/holiday season. The video, which aired at 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday, provided the most in-depth details thus far, totaling 39 minutes of game coverage.

Other announcements included the addition of a new character from the company’s Pokémon franchise, Greninja, as well as footage of how other, previously announced characters, like the Wii Fit trainer and the Villager, will function in-game.

But the most unique announcement may have been of a new game mode, entitled Smash Run, which will be exclusive to the game’s 3DS edition. This multiplayer mode will thrust users into a pre-match hunt for power-ups, which will then enhance their characters in the ensuing battle.

Popular gaming sites like IGN have already begun to weigh in on the juiciest details, but Ohio University publications have already uncovered an interest in the franchise among OU students.

AVW student media group Tech Heads, which specializes in gaming news, reviews and opinion pieces, held a student tournament for Super Smash Bros. Melee — the second installment in the series, released in 2001. The student group also published an article on what it hopes to see in future Smash Bros. games last January.

Tech Heads Producer Trista Thurston said the 32 person turnout for the Melee tournament proved that there is definitely a fan base for Smash Bros. on campus, and that she would consider holding a similar event if she were given the choice.

As the outgoing producer of Tech Heads and the incoming General Manager of AVW Productions (the parent organization of Tech Heads), it’s not my call as to if we’ll do it in the future,” Thurston said. “However, I do know that due to its success we would like to do another similar event. Maybe not a tournament specifically. Possibly something more laid back and social oriented.”

Nonetheless, this sequel to Tech Heads’ first tournament could feature the newest Smash Bros. yet, if the game meets Thurston’s expectations.

“From what I’ve seen, I really like the direction Nintendo is going with this. I’m also a huge fan of it coming to 3DS since that’s currently my primary gaming console. I don’t have a Wii U and don’t plan on getting one until a Zelda exclusive is released for it, but the assist trophies, varied maps and assist trophies have really got me excited for what’s to come.”

Check out the Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct below:



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