Walking through Stories

The path to becoming a journalist has never been a smooth one, but I can’t regret anything that I’ve seen and witnessed. One such experience was the opportunity to see the Ohio University Army ROTC do its training up in The Ridges on Wednesdays and witnessing firsthand some of the things they’re able to do such as train for the German Military Proficiency Badge, the only foreign military decoration allowed for wear on U.S. uniform:

Having a connection and building relationships with the Army ROTC here at Ohio University, I was able to follow along and work toward documenting a lot of their events for the The Post. There was a time last year in 2012 where I was allowed to go to Gettysburg and watch the cadets doing strategy while my main source Lt. Col. Terry St. Peter, a professor of military science, filled me in with some of the things that ROTC cadets do in order to fulfill their dreams in becoming military officers for the future.


I think one of the most rewarding things about getting opportunities to write stories like these is the chance to share the perspectives and experiences of others with the rest of the world. The military component of college life for some students is really telling and different than what I, a student, have no experience with.

Alayna Steele, a freshman studying photojournalism, said one of her best friends is also a student at OU and is currently an Army ROTC cadet. Though her friend trains hard with the ROTC cadets, Steele said she commends the students for juggling responsibilities as students and as cadets.

“I think it’s awesome that she can be so involved in the ROTC program and also in her classes,” Steele said. “I don’t know a lot about what exactly they do, but I can imagine it’d be tough to get up that early and work hard (for PT stuff in the morning) and then have classes all day.”

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