This is my confession…

It’s been said that secrets are never kept secrets because a person will tell one person. And the next person feels the need to tell one person. And so on and so forth. But college students are finding new ways to keep their secrets while fulfilling their desire to spill the beans.

This way? Confession Twitter accounts.

Campuses nationwide are creating social networks for students where they can anonymously tell their secrets to anyone that follows the account. The catch…like I said…is that they are completely 100% anonymous. The creator of the account decides what to publish and what not to publish. Some tweets may be funny, immature jokes while others may be a bit more serious.

Sounds fantastic right? But then again, we’re in the 21st century. And today’s society has a bad habit of demeaning and degrading others. Tweets to this confession accounts started as an innocent game and have turned into disgusting, wrong, and rude comments.

“The OU Confessions account is starting to get really inappropriate” says Diana Noskova, a student. “They just start to post disturbing tweets that just aren’t right”.

Secrets about cheating, being with someone else’s significant other, drugs, alcohol, and holding women to a lower standard than men. Why?

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why people today think it’s ‘cool’ to be with their roommate and best friend’s girlfriend sexually, and publish it for the world to know. Shouldn’t you be keeping it in your pants and holding your morals to a higher value? Promiscuity becomes a fad, people become objects, and friendships become fake.

So maybe you should think before you act, and especially…

Think before you tweet to the world proof of your illicit actions.


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