Out with the old, In with the new


Would you take a look outside, Bobcats. The sun in shining, the smell of springtime is in the air, and we are still bundled up in our Cosby sweaters and infinity scarves. Well I have some news for you: it’s time to bring out the crop tops and mom jeans-turned-booty shorts!

Okay, well maybe not that drastic. But it is definitely time for a wardrobe overhaul and closet clean-out. But instead of dumping your closet on the curb and blowing your meager life’s savings on a new spring wardrobe, consider some of these methods to simply transition your wardrobe to these warm springtime days.

  1. First of all don’t be afraid to toss any clothes that you know you will never wear again. Yes, that means the patchwork denim jacket you used to love in 2006, because no, it will probably never come back in style. But at the same time, think about new and different ways you can wear old clothes that you still kind of like.Image
  1. Next, put away those chunky cable knits. Even though we live in Ohio and weather is unreliable, there is little chance you will be sporting your ugly Christmas sweater in July. As campus fashionista Cassie Fait says, “I always replace my knit sweaters and long sleeve dresses with florals and shorts in the spring. I just know I’m going to be wearing them more.”Image
  1. In all your purging frenzy, I know you’re on a roll, but make sure to keep at least a few winter staples in your closet. Keep some light cardigans and your favorite jeans for cool spring mornings. Clementine Daily gives some great transition options.Image
  1. Finally, it’s time to ditch the boots. And I know it’s tempting to just throw them all in a closet and forget they exist until next winter, but be sure to clean them up before shutting them away. It will make the beginning of next week much easier and better preserve your shoes. Good Housekeeping offers some valuable boot-cleaning tips. Then, switch them out for some comfortable walking shoes and an array of wonderful sandals!Image
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