Opening Day Springs Eternal

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

‑-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Spring is the time of year that brings new life to the world. It marks the time where plants start blooming, the weather starts warming and of course the baseball season starts. The sun finally starts to warm  melting the stagnate snow that covers the ground and the crack of the bat fills stadiums that had spent the long winter in silence.

Opening Day 2014

Opening Day 2014

Opening Day presents the same feeling that comes along with the rebirth of the spring.  It is the date the baseball world centers around. Players begin their preparation in distant states where the drudgery of winter does not exist. They spend months fine tuning their rusted skills for the long haul that is the Major League Baseball season.

All that work comes together at the crux of some teams’ season, Opening Day. It has a special place for both fans and players alike. All of the previous season’s sins are washed away and all have a chance to start anew. Fans flock to stadiums despite the chill of the early spring in order to partake in the first sacrament of the new season. There is an unbridled level of hope and enthusiasm about the upcoming season. Nobody has a reason to believe otherwise and it’s often times the highest point for fans of less than average teams.

“I go to the Indians’ home opener every year,” said Ohio University sophomore Jake Mendenhall. “It’s the only time the Indians seem to have a chance.”

That is except for this season. A common phrase repeated by all fans of every sports team, but this year could actually be different. The Cleveland Indians are looking to repeat their freak playoff appearance from last season. Following their Opening Day victory the Tribe was off to a 1 and 0 start well on their way to a likely undefeated season.

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