Fans resort to creativity to pick sides

Millions of people across the world watched Monday night’s NCAA men’s basketball national championship game, despite most viewers not having any fandom ties to Connecticut or Kentucky.

That was primarily the case at Ohio University, as Bobcats fans with little emotional intereste in the game still surrounded televisions in dorms, apartments and uptown bars to watch.

Colin Hanner, a junior journalism major, said that he “couldn’t care less about either team,” but still tuned in.

“I don’t really have a favorite in this game,” he said. “I guess if I had to choose, I’d pick Kentucky because they’re a younger team — and their nickname is the Wildcats and OU is Bobcats, so that’s something in common.”

Hanner and other fans across the nation likely resorted to unconventional ways to fill out their brackets and choosing teams to root for.

And though siding with a team because of the mascot may not be the most logical when choosing a favorite because it doesn’t impact on-court performance, there are many teams with feline mascots, including the Wildcats, which is the fourth most common mascot in the NCAA.


Schools with Wildcats as their mascot:

1. Abilene Christian

2. Arizona

3. Bethune-Cookman

4. Davidson

5. Kansas State

6. Kentucky

7. New Hampshire

8. Northwestern

9. Villanova

10. Weber State

Maybe someday OU students will see the Bobcats playing in the National Championship game, but until then fans will likely continue using their creativity in rooting for schools to win games.

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