My Inspiration Animation

As a Junior at Ohio University studying Interactive Multimedia, I often find myself overwhelmed with schoolwork and somewhat uninspired or unmotivated.  I feel as if my multimedia professors and my general education professors both enjoy piling on time consuming assignments simultaneously, so I find myself running on low hours of sleep every night as a result.  Each assignment handed to me is loaded with specific criteria qualifications.  I’ve started to let my creative freedom slip through my fingers.

In the Fall semester of 2013 I was enrolled in Visual Communications Topic Seminar II (VICO 3420) with Samuel Girton.  This class provided a flexible format for examining current and future topics in visual communication.  Overall, the goal of the class was to increase our animation skills in Adobe After Effects and drive creativity. This is the first class I’ve taken at Ohio University that truly let my wings expand as a creative individual.

“Never let someone stop you from doing what you’re truly passionate about. Find inspiration in every second of every day and just run with it. ” Samual Girton, 2013

Once I had a some basic animation skills under my belt, I was handed my first assignment. The criteria was inexistent and the goals were made up. I was told to use the skills I had learned throughout the semester to tell a story in animation.  At first I saw this assignment as a real challenge and I nearly began to beg for criteria or some sort of direction, but then I realized I was finally able to express my creativity in any way that I could dream of.

Below are the steps I completed in order to create with my first animation.

  1. I drew out bubble charts about who I am, what I love, where I am from, etc.
  2. I constructed a poem about the people who have most influenced me in my creative life
  3. I visualized how I wanted each phrase to be designed
  4. I designed each “scene” in Adobe Illustrator blog
  5. I found animation inspiration online (For example: and
  6. I printed out each scene and jotted down my animation ideas blog2
  7. I made my drawings and designs come to life in Adobe After Effects

Here is “My Inspiration Animation,” I hope you enjoy it:

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