Athens Bucket List

Ohio University, located in the Hocking Hills of Athens, Ohio, is the quintessential college town. The campus is filled with red brick buildings, bars and students bonging beers. But, every spring, after four or five good years of attending classes during the weekdays and drinking too much during the weekends, students find themselves counting down the days until graduation.

“I believe it’s important to take advantage of Athens in the best way possible while you’re still a student here,” said Jaime Cosimati. “Once you come back after graduation, it isn’t the same.”

Many students’ post-graduation plans include pursuing a master’s and/or doctoral degree, traveling the world or moving home with their parents and applying (read: praying) for jobs. In the meantime, a lot of students are making the most of their last few weeks of college by compiling a list of things they want to do before graduation.

Every Bucket List is different, but here are ten of the most common items:

1. Climb Bong Hill


2. Paint the graffiti wall

3. Eat at all of the local restaurants

4. Go to the Fun Barn in Nelsonville

5. Take home an Athens Block brick


6. Climb the rock wall at Ping

7. Shuffle down Court Street

8. Go cabrewing at Stroud’s Run State Park

9. Explore Old Man’s Cave


10. Meet President McDavis

For many students, regardless of what’s on the list, checking things off brings a mix of emotions. “Checking off an item from my bucket list gives me great satisfaction. It checks off another great memory that only those who attend OU can experience because it’s unique to Athens,” said Mike Leonard. “It’s also kind of a sad moment because having a bucket list means I’ll be kicking that bucket very soon and will miss my university years here tremendously.”

And some students just can’t get enough of Athens. “Graduating from Ohio University will be one of the best accomplishments I have made in my life,” said Harrison Brill. “But I will be back soon for graduate school!”

For more ideas on Bucket List items, check out Ohio University Program Council’s list of 100 things to do before you graduate and the website Bobcat Bucket List.

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